Delahaye USA Pacific


The Pacific by Delahaye USA, a modern stylized version of the famed Atlantic, a Tribute to the classic 1937 Type 57S Bugatti.

Styling is Everything

Every art form has a "golden age," and we'd argue that the era of the French Streamliners (1935-1939) was the peak of automobile design. Unimaginable strides have been made in the engineering, performance and manufacturing of cars since then, but a finite number of these sought after designs were created in that short time by the masters of the genre: Jean Bugatti, Emil Delahaye, Guiseppi Figoni, Ovidio Falaschi, Georges Paulin, Jacques Ikov Saoutchik, Gabriel Voison.

Recreating Cars that Could Have Been

What would cars look like today if we maintained their design principles using modern construction methods?

What improvements could we make to the best designs these masters produced?

What's possible when you focus on design OVER performance?

These are the questions that inspire us and the reason there's always another design on the drawing board. We're not building copies of cars we love. There's no word for what we do. We're designing cars in tribute to these early masters to keep the golden age of automotive design alive a little bit longer.

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Recreating The Most Beautiful Cars In the World

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