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1937 Type 57s Bugatti fiberglass replica Kit Cars

Delahaye Bugatti Ralph Lauren’s Atlantic at Pebble Beach inspired our Pacific Tribute.

Build a “poor man’s” fiberglass Bugatti clone. We offer your choice of four different body styles of our fiberglass 1937 Type 57S Bugatti. They are our “PACIFIC” fastback, two coupes, the “BELLA FIGURA” and pillarless hardtop “NASTY”, plus a folding convertible top “GANGLOFF DROPHEAD”. They are a Tribute to Jean Bugatti and his elegant creations, but are not exact replicas, nor are they real Bugatti's. Bugatti is a registered trademark of VW which we respect.

We’ve widened the body and stretched the wheelbase from 117 to 127 inches to provide an enlarged passenger compartment for two 6 foot 10 inch tall occupants (i.e. NBA basketball players) with broad shoulders. Length of the car is 16 feet four inches. Width with wide fenders is 7 feet 6 inches.

Designed and built from scratch, we’ve restyled, enlarged and modernized the design with a reclining, curved one-piece windshield. They are a collective work of art, all rolling sculpture, respecting the traditional Bugatti look and feel. They are designed to use any modern engine and transmission of your choice with AC, PW, PB, PS, etc. They are to be driven and enjoyed.

BugNasty Original rendering of our NASTY hardtop coupe that inspired us to tackle this five year project, from scratch.

PACIFIC FASTBACK: Our stylized version of the famed Type 57S Atlantic, one of the most desired collector cars in the world such as the stunning black one owned by Ralph Lauren pictured herein at Pebble Beach (valued at 40 million dollars, one of 3 ever made) or the blue one the Mullin Museum bought for 34.5 million. Our black Pacific is shown with optional fender skirts and standard side window shape. Optional "kidney bean" shaped window are available, see yellow car. Kit does not come with an external dorsal fin on the body, and fins on the fenders and headlight shells, but smooth no-fin body, fenders and headlight shells. Add your own fins.

PACIFIC fastback and BELLA FIGURA coupe come with your choice of our standard side window or our optional “Kidney Bean” shaped side window imitating the original Atlantic (not available on NASTY or GANGLOFF DROPHEAD). Pacific comes with a round decklid (not hinged).

Delahaye Ralph Lauren’s impeccable Gangloff Drophead Type 57sc at Pebble Beach inspired our longer/larger Tribute.

GANGLOFF DROPHEAD: Includes a rear passenger compartment bulkhead that separates occupants from the trunk area and convertible top stowage bay. Bulkhead is designed to accept our optional custom fitted 3-piece luggage, Folding top not included. Build your own top.

Bella Figura Coupe Bella Figura Coupe with exposed spare tire on decklid.

BELLA FIGURA COUPE: Kit comes with your choice of two deck lids, one with a small external fin, or with a depression for an exposed spare tire. See black & silver car photo.

Delahaye Bella Figura Coupe with standard door window, standard straight two piece hood top, without fender skirts, with small fin on decklid.

NASTY HARDTOP COUPE: No B-pillar with rear quarter window. See black car with white racing stripes.

Delahaye NASTY coupe with finned rear decklid.

Body kit includes a floor pan designed which runs from firewall to the rear tip of the body, bonded in place. It fits our custom chassis. No interior metal under-cowl or rear body support structure. All body kits include two small doors that fit atop cowl to allow easy access to area under dash. Includes four fenders, hood, two hood side panels and grille shell (which you can have chrome plated). The standard narrow rear fenders are about 7.5 to 8 inches wide each. Optional 11 inch wide rear fenders available to accommodate big tires. Includes decklid plus inner and outer door skins not bonded together.

DOORS & HINGES: We do not offer hung (attached to car) doors with our body. All of our suicide style doors come with an optional hinge kit so the customer can hang and align the doors when body is attached to his frame. All our doors come with an inner and outer panel. Outer door skins can be bonded to the inner once the body is mounted on your chassis and hinges installed to assure precise alignment and fit. Inner door skins on all four kits are designed to accept a bolt-in power window kit from Specialty Power Windows. We do not offer trunk or hood hinges, or convertible top boot hinges. You must make those yourself.

DOOR HINGE OPTION: Designed specifically for our kits.

Delahaye Optional “kidney bean” shaped widows for Pacific or Bella Figura bodies.

KIDNEY BEAN WINDOW OPTION: Both the PACIFIC and BELLA FIGURA come with a standard door side window as well as an optional “kidney bean” shaped side window (see yellow car pictured and red pontoon fendered illustration) to emulate the flavor the the original Bugatti Atlantic. Kidney Bean window offers an interior window bezel which can be painted, wrapped with interior trim material or dipped in the wood grain tank. Optional interior windshield bezel available for all four body styles.

Delahaye All four of our Bugatti Bodies have room for a 7-footer. Optional Custom-fitted luggage.

DROOP SNOOT OPTION: Our standard body kit includes a grille shell, a piano-hinge two-piece hood top and 2 hood side panels. For a more aggressive look, we offer an optional one-piece “Droop Snoot” hood that is arched, sloping downward to a grille shell that is 2.5 inches shorter, with matching hood side panels. For a grille, we suggest a Speedway Motors ’32 Ford grille (about $200, not included) which needs to be cut down to fit in our grille shell.

PONTOON FENDER OPTION: We also offer four large, fully enclosed “pontoon” style fenders inspired by a Figoni & Falaschi Delahaye, from our Chip Foose designed boattail speedster kit. These do not bolt onto our Type 57s Bugatti but can be adapted. See two red illustrations of PACIFIC and GANGLOFF DROPHEAD with pontoon fenders.

HARD HEADLINER OPTION: A great idea for our PACIFIC and two coupes, as it gives the upholstery shop a form which they can trim to size, wrap trim around and pop into place.

Bella Figura, Pacific, Drophead or Nasty Body kit $13,900 FOB Rock Hill, SC.


Droop Snoot front hood. side panels, 2.5 in. shorter grille shell
Hard Headliner
Door Hinges
Kidney Bean Window Doors
Kidney Bean Interior Window Bezels
Interior Windshield Bezel
Interior Pacific rear window bezel
Headlight Pods
Fender Skirts
Fitted Luggage (6 pieces, 2 tops, 2 bottoms)
Pontoon fender option

Turnkey, rollers, kit bodies and chassis

TURNKEYS: We are proud to have a high quality, reliable shop who will build complete running, fiberglass bodied, painted and upholstered Turnkeys in the $125,000 and up range with your choice of engine and transmission. Time for turnkey build perhaps 9 to 12 months. We can also build incomplete “roller” built to any stage of production you desire.


ROLLING CHASSIS: Our kits are not designed to utilize an existing “donor” chassis. We offer a high quality rolling chassis specifically designed for our kit, built by Gary Brown of Brown's Metal Mods in Port Leyden, NY. It can accept your choice of any popular engine and transmission. We start with our custom made to order rectangular tubular frame rails by Morrison Performance in Fife, WA. We use an independent front suspension system, disc brakes and right or left hand drive power steering rack from Kugel Komponents in La Habra, CA. Art Morrison and Kugel have both earned a stellar reputation for outstanding workmanship and engineering. Includes a 9-inch Ford rear with axle housing, axles, and center section. Lower cost rear disc brakes and parking brake are included. Optional upgraded disc brakes available. Rear suspension is a triangulated four link with quality coil over shocks. Includes gas tank with quiet, in-tank fuel pump. Does not include wheels, tires, or steering column.

Rolling chassis $14,300 Price FOB Port Leyden, NY

Chassis Options:

Rear sway bar
Adjustable valving on coil overs
LS Chevy engine mounts
4L80 trans mounting bracket installed
Gas tank modifications required for Pacific bodies retaining the spare tire recess

Bare Frame Rails

For the "build it yourself" enthusiast, our four piece, you weld-them-together Art Morrison frame rails fit precisely into our custom floor pan which is bonded into each Bugatti body.

Bare Frame Rails
Price FOB Fife, WA

Delahaye PACIFIC and GANGLOFF DROPHEAD with pontoon fenders.


Or you could always put our Generation Two Figoni & Falaschi 1936 Delahaye 135-inspired enclosed “pontoon” front & rear Boattail Speedster glass fenders on any of our Type 57s bodies.


Pontoon fenders are not bolt-ons, but a starting point for for an experienced builder who is wiling to do some work to come up with a dangerously swoopy, one-of-a-kind unique result.


Nasty Coupe and Gangloff Drophead

A 50% deposit required on all orders.

Balance due before delivery. Contact us for an Order Form. 201.400.5528
Our Type 57S bodes are design patented.

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